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What is Caviar?

In the world of decadent foods like foie gras, truffles, and saffron caviar is a titan in its own right. It’s synonymous with living in the lap of luxury and pure decadence. We think Robin Leach famously said it best when he uttered the phrase “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”. This craveable culinary wonder makes a bold opulent statement on any table it adorns.

Caviar is unfertilized eggs that are harvested exclusively from a sturgeon fish. Once harvested, those eggs are then salt-cured for approximately five to fifteen minutes and then immediately refrigerated. Caviar is always spherical in shape but can vary in size and color, from black to green, or even white, depending on the exact variety.

There are many factors at play that determine the different characteristics of these delectable little eggs. The size, color, and flavor of the caviar are dictated by the sturgeon it comes from. While there are many varieties of this highly sought-after fish Beluga, Kaluga Sevruga, and Ostera are some of the top-tier choices for outstanding caviar.

Caviar Taste

Caviar taste varies just as much as the species of sturgeon it comes from. These luxurious little pearls are a feast for the senses with a delightfully pleasant pop in your mouth and delicate smooth flavors ranging from buttery and briny to rich and nutty. The mild fish taste can be likened to rich oysters leaving your mouth and nostrils with a breath of the sea. There are many ways to serve caviar to experience the full spectrum of flavors and fully immerse yourself in the magnificence of these savory eggs.

Just as cheeses pair well with certain wines, caviar lends itself beautifully to different drinks and neutral foods. Caviar should always be the star of the show and therefore should be served alongside simple foods like blinis, latkes, and crème frâiche to help highlight all of its pleasurable attributes. These classic accompaniments will help to round out the flavor of the caviar without overpowering it.

True connoisseurs will want to sample the caviar in its purest form and opt to take it straight up. When eating it unadulterated it’s important to serve it chilled with a mother of pearl spoon. Using a metal spoon could alter the flavor of the caviar and ruin the true taste of this opulent appetizer.

When it comes to syncing your spirits with certain caviar it’s really up to what pleases your palate! There are of course classic combos like a glass of champagne to accompany your blini, caviar, and crème frâiche concoction. At the end of the day, you can tickle your tastebuds and have as much fun experimenting with different pairings and flavor combinations as you like!

Another added bonus to consuming caviar is the built-in health benefits it brings to the table. Believe it or not, caviar is not only rich in flavor but it’s also packed with a multitude of vitamins and minerals. So while you’re indulging in this high-quality treat you can be confident that you’re also getting a boost for your overall health!

Caviar vs. Roe

Both caviar and roe are unfertilized fish eggs. The true differences lie with the type of fish the eggs come from and the process of salt curing. Caviar is exclusively harvested from the sturgeon family of fish and those eggs are then salt-cured. Roe can come from just about any fish like salmon, whitefish, trout, etc, and does not have to be salt-cured. Roe can also come from other sea life like shrimp, sea urchins, scallops, and more. 

Part of what makes caviar so expensive versus roe is the laborious and time-consuming process to cultivate, harvest, and produce it. Real sturgeon caviar is rare, highly perishable, and painstakingly gathered. Fish and other marine life roe are more readily available less sought-after, therefore contributing to its affordability.

Browse through our amazing selection of high-quality roe including salmon, trout, bowfin, tobiko, whitefish, and more. We also have unique flavor-infused roes that make a stunning addition to any meal. Imagine little bursts of bbq, truffle, and bourbon erupting on your palate during your next meal! Our Roe can be used raw or fried to give any dish a delicious and flavorful kick!

Where to buy Caviar?

Our caviar is sourced from the freshest and purest sturgeon roe on earth. We buy from sustainable reputable farms with optimal water, feeding, and environmental conditions for the fish. Working directly with these top vendors allows us to hand-select only the best and widest selection of gourmet caviar. Careful handling of the caviar from harvest to storage, to delivery, ensures you receive the most exceptional caviar to serve in your kitchen. 

Our purveyors have a stellar reputation and they set the standards for sustainable caviar. They use a unique technique for caviar extraction which doesn’t harm the sturgeons at all. It’s called no-kill caviar and it’s changing the caviar game. Every jar of this outstanding ovum is organic, free from herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, and hormones. It’s also transparently traceable. This means that every egg can be traced back to the exact fish, farm, and the day it was harvested. You are going to want our exquisite caviar for your table!