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Black Perigord Truffles are a rare delicacy coveted by chefs around the world. The intensely rich floral aroma adds depth and luxury to your favorite recipes. The beauty of the Perigord winter truffle extends beyond its aromatics – its beauty on the plate will leave your guests in awe.


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What is a Black Winter Truffle?

Tuber melanosporum, also referred to as the Black Winter Périgord Truffle, The Black Diamond of Provence, and Black Gold, have a smoother outer bark than the summer and fall varieties, and features a much darker flesh with gorgeous white marbling. When fully ripe, the interior color ranges from dark brown to black. These are truly some of the most divine culinary ingredients in the world. 



The season typically runs from late autumn through February across Europe. We also import them from Australia in the summer months.


Black Winter Truffle Recipe!

Perfect For:

  • Chicken, pork, beef, wild game, fish, shellfish, pate, foie gras
  • Pasta - almost any shape including ravioli and linguine 
  • Potatoes, polenta, rice, toast 
  • Omelets and scrambled eggs
  • Alfredo and other cream sauces, mousse, aioli, glazes, fancy ketchup 
  • Use remaining pieces to make your own truffle butter, which can be frozen

Black Winter Truffle Uses:

Treat freshly shaved truffles as a garnish. All you need is a sharp truffle shaver or Microplane to adorn your favorite chef-inspired dishes and infuse them with robust, earthy flavor Bring Black Winter Périgord Truffles to room temperature and shave onto warm finished dishes right before serving. You can also add to sauces off the heat. Be sure to use as a complement to truffle salt, butter, oil for maximum truffle aroma and flavor.   

How To Store 

Use as soon as possible - they’re typically good for about a week if you wrap in fresh paper towels every day and store in the refrigerator. You can also freeze them, in sealed plastic bags.

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