Eryngii/ King Oyster Mushrooms


King Oyster mushrooms are known for their creamy stem, light brown cap, and rich, savory flavors when cooked. They are popular meat substitutes for both vegetarians and vegans alike!

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What Are King Oyster Mushrooms?

King Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii), also known as King Trumpet, Trumpet Royale, French Horn, and Eryngii, grow throughout central and western Europe, and across Asia, where they’re popular in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines.

King Oyster mushrooms are sometimes confused with Oyster mushrooms. Both are in the Pleurotus genus, but King Oyster are much larger, with a completely different shape.

To store, place in a paper bag with the top loosely closed and store in the refrigerator
They last from 7 to 10 days.


What Do King Oyster Mushrooms Look Like?

King Oysters are the largest species of the oyster genus, ranging in length from 12-17 cm with a cream-colored, thick bulbous stem and light brown flat, tightly curled cap. Look for mushrooms with the cap intact and firm stems, free of bruises.


What do King Oyster Mushrooms Taste Like?

This is not a mushroom to enjoy raw. When cooked, they develop deep, rich, savory umami flavors with earthy, nutty notes and a firm, meat-like texture with a buttery mouthfeel. This flavor and texture combination makes them very versatile, and in the vegan and vegetarian communities, they have become a popular substitute for seafood, meat, and poultry.


How to Cook King Oyster Mushrooms

See our video below on How to Cook King Oyster Mushrooms

King Oysters are one of the most versatile mushrooms. You can roast, broil, deep fry, sautée and braise them. You can even grill them. Thread onto a skewer and grill whole, basting with the sauce of your choice.

The simplest preparation is to just sautee them. Start with trimmed King Oysters that have been sliced and scored. Then add to hot butter or oil with garlic, fresh herbs, salt, and pepper, and serve when they’re golden brown on both sides.

How to Cut King Oyster Mushrooms

See our video below on how to cut King Oyster mushrooms.

First, brush away any dirt. To trim, just cut off the ends. Then you can cut them in a variety of ways, depending on your recipe:

You can slice them lengthwise to make mushroom “planks”. After slicing, we like to score the mushrooms in a criss-cross pattern to add visual interest and help them stay flat when sauteeing.

To use as a sea scallop stand-in, cut across the stem evenly to create uniform round slices.

For a meatless alternative to pulled pork, shred the stems with a fork and braise them in BBQ sauce.




King Oyster Mushrooms Recipes & Cooking

For added flavor and complexity, here’s a recipe for King Oyster Mushrooms with Sugar Snap Peas.
Below you can see a video of our chef cooking this recipe in our test kitchen.

To make the marinade, combine Yamaya tamari or other high-quality tamari sauce with premium rice wine vinegar, minced fresh garlic and julienned fresh ginger.

Add sliced and scored mushrooms to the marinade, turning to coat on both sides.

Add neutral oil to a medium-hot pan. When the oil starts to shimmer, add the mushrooms, being careful not to crowd them. Move them around a bit, and press down to ensure even cooking. Flip them over once you have a nice golden-brown sear.

Then add thinly sliced vegetables – we used sugar snap peas. When the peas are cooked through, transfer to a serving platter. Garnish as you like, then finish by swirling
a little tamari sauce on top. Enjoy!

Perfect For

Eryngi, French Horn, King Trumpet – whatever you choose to call them, they’re the ultimate flexible fungi. You can substitute them for white or brown button mushrooms, portobello or cremini.

Add them to your breakfast omelet, lunchtime stir fry, or as your meatless Monday dinner main event.

They pair well with lamb, poultry, and beef, especially when you add fresh herbs such as oregano, basil, parsley, and thyme.
Complementary cheeses include ricotta, parmesan, and goat.


Where to Buy King Oyster Mushrooms?

They’re generally available all year long since they are typically grown in an indoor controlled environment. You can buy these mushrooms in many Asian markets and select gourmet food stores.

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