Finger Limes (Caviar Limes), Organic


Size: 7-8 oz [198-227g]



Our organic caviar limes are a micro citrus that originated from the bush of Australia, where they are known as finger limes. Upon slicing a caviar lime open, squeeze the husk with your fingers and the vesicles will pour out of the husk in tact. Enjoy them as a garnish on any food or drink you so desire. They have an authentic lime flavor, but with a subtle sweetness that pairs well with anything you would garnish with a dash of lime. Our caviar limes range from 1″- 3″ in size and each half-pound comes with 25-40 units. They’re certified organic and range from dark green to burgundy skin tones. They have lime green to champagne blush colored vesicles that retain their juices until popped. It is best to keep these limes at or around 55 degrees.

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