Frozen Huckleberry (IQF)


Sweet tart wild berries, frozen during peak season. Extremely versatile.

Size: 1 lb [454g]


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Frozen Huckleberries

Fresh & Wild frozen huckleberries are the highest quality for several reasons. We harvest and transport wild huckleberries with extreme care during peak season, ensuring they remain whole and retain the maximum amount of juice within the berries. Then we quick-freeze the individual berries on trays. Most frozen huckleberries are frozen with juice and form blocks. With our individually picked berries, you are able to defrost exactly the amount you need for your favorite recipes.

Huckleberries vs. Blueberries

Wild huckleberries look similar to a blueberry, but are smaller and range in color from purple to almost black with an intense sweet-tart taste.

Where to Buy Huckleberries?

We sell fresh huckleberries when they’re in season (mid-August to September), but you can buy frozen huckleberries from Fresh & Wild year-round!

Usage Tips:

They are excellent for muffins, cobblers, pancakes, jams, jellies, milkshakes, frozen yogurt and of course huckleberry pie (see recipe link). In our test kitchen, we made a delicious huckleberry sauce to accompany a Steelhead, and also used the huckleberries to top a marionberry semifreddo. Check out our photos!

Recipes With Huckleberries:


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