Huitlacoche, Frozen (Corn Smut / Corn Fungus)


One man’s mold is another man’s gold! Huitlacoche, or corn smut as it’s lovingly nicknamed, doesn’t sound so appealing on the surface. To put it simply, it’s a fungal infection that develops on corn kernels. If we break it down a little bit further, corn fungus is actually a hard-to-find delicacy! From the funkiest, incredibly pungent blue cheeses to the most prized truffles, mold and fungi can yield many of the culinary world’s most powerful flavors.

Size: 1 lb [454g]


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Pronounced whit-la-co-chay.

400 kernels/lb. Excellent quality. Very large kernels.

Corn Smut/ Huitlacoche Taste

Another name for Huitlacoche is Mexican truffle, and as that name suggests, this isn’t your ordinary run-of-the-mill mold. Huitlacoche has a pleasant earthy flavor, a mushy, paste-like texture, and features some of the aromatic qualities of truffles. It’s prized and frequently featured by top Mexican chefs, who consider it to be a gourmet ingredient.


Is Corn Fungus Safe to Eat?

Huitlacoche is completely safe to eat! The only real risk would be not trying this delectable culinary phenomenon in the first place. Corn smut is a type of fungus, so it can be used interchangeably for mushrooms in different dishes and recipes. Most commonly you would see huitlacoche incorporated into tacos, tamales, quesadillas, and even eggs to create seriously delicious dishes beyond the ordinary.


Where Can I Buy Fresh Huitlacoche?

The most readily available forms of corn smut are canned, jarred, or frozen – with frozen huitlacoche just as tasty as the fresh product. Fresh huitlacoche is not available in the United States, but readily available in Mexico. For the easiest access to highest-quality huitlacoche, Fresh & Wild has you covered. Our frozen huitlacoche is unmatched, and ordering from the Fresh & Wild website makes it a breeze to get this uniquely delicious ingredient delivered directly to your door. Buy Huitlacoche from us today!


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