Seaweed, Red Dulse, Fresh

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Extraordinary red seaweed sustainably grown in salt water tanks on the Oregon coast. Heat turns it green and brings out its savory, smoky, umami essence with subtle bacon-like notes. Enjoys the versatility of kale. Add fresh or pickled to salads. Make compound butter. Roast to make chips. Deep fry and add as a stunning garnish to seafood and lamb. Shelf life 7-10 days refrigerated.

Quote provided by Oregon Seaweed company.

“Nutritious, sustainable, and great for our local communities.

Oregon Seaweed is on a mission to provide low impact, high nutrient, fresh foods to the world. We believe that healthy, fresh ingredients do not have to come at a cost to the environment; in fact, alternative sources of protein like seaweed can help our world heal.

Oregon Seaweed grows one of the most earth friendly vegetables in the world, and together we can change the way people think about the food they consume.”

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