Wild Ramps with Greens


Wild ramps (Allium tricoccum) are magnificently versatile wild leeks that work well with many different cooking techniques. Grilled, pickled, sautéed, or baked, ramps add a seasonal elegance to any dish they adorn. Special ingredients like ramps should be celebrated and shared with friends and family!

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What Are Wild Ramps?

Looking for a vegetable that tastes like a cross between garlic, chives, and leeks? Then look no further! Ramps have been called the onion’s wild cousin. Ramps are a popular early spring delicacy and their season is fleeting. Raw ramps have a pungent aroma and an intense onion & garlic flavor. These wild leeks pack a real punch, with a flavor resembling garlic and onions.


What Do Wild Ramps Look Like?

While ramps are similar in size and shape to scallions, the green leaves on ramps are much wider than scallions and they have a more bulbous pink and white root end.


Where Do Ramps Grow?

These hearty little wild leeks grow in the midwest and eastern mountains of North America and only last for a month or two. They make their appearance in the Spring shortly after the last frost in fragrant green leafy bouquets popping up from the ground, where the knowledgeable forager awaits.


Where To Buy Wild Ramps

When they’re in season, which is typically in early to mid spring, ramps are readily available from farmer’s markets and co-ops to upscale supermarkets and specialty grocers. Preferably, a ramp should have healthy-looking dark green leaves that aren’t wilted and slim bulbs with pink and white pigmentation. For the most reliable way to receive your ramps, Fresh & Wild is the answer! After the season ends, our frozen wild ramp bulbs are trimmed and flash frozen at the peak of the season. Ordering these perfectly preserved onions through our website makes it simple to have this extremely coveted ingredient at your fingertips throughout the year.

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