Fresh Black Winter Perigord Truffles, 2 oz


INGREDIENTS: Fresh black winter Perigord truffles, in various sizes – 2 oz. total (Tuber melanosporum)

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Tuber melanosporum, also referred to as the Black Winter Périgord Truffle, The Black Diamond of Provence and the Black Truffle. These are the most revered truffles by chefs and home cooks worldwide. With their diamond-shaped pyramids and a marbled deep brown or slate grey colored interior, these are truly some of the most divine food items in the world. Périgord truffles are best served raw on warm dishes, but also can be heated (slightly) to release a more robust flavor and aroma, and are ideal for infusions. DELICIOUS ADDITION: Add the beauty and aroma of real truffles for chef-caliber dishes. COMPLIMENT YOUR DISH: Treat freshly shaved truffles as a garnish. Use as a complement to high quality truffle salt, truffle oil or truffle butter for intense truffle aroma and flavor. SO VERSATILE: PERFECT FOR PASTA, RISOTTO, MAC AND CHEESE, SAUCES AND STEAK. Elevate a wide range of dishes: Ravioli, noodles, potatoes, polenta, rice, toast, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, mousse, pate and foie gras, truffle butter, aioli, glazes, fancy ketchup, Alfredo and other cream sauces. Combine with pan juices (jus) to make unforgettable toppings for chicken or steak. HOW TO USE: Bring truffles to room temperature and shave onto warm finished dishes right before serving. Be sure to use as a complement to truffle salt, butter, oil for maximum truffle aroma and flavor. INGREDIENTS: 1 to 3 fresh black winter truffles (Tuber Melanosporum)

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