Yuzu Morugoto Shibori Juice (Unsweetened)


Size: 19 fl oz [562 ml]



This little citrus fruit is very popular in fine dining restaurants across the country. Generally regarded to be too bitter to eat on its own, yuzu is showing up in sauces (such as the traditional ponzu), salad dressings, ice creams and marinades. Its unique flavor, perhaps best described as a delicious cross between grapefruit and orange with a hint of lemon, compliments many proteins and vegetables.

The key to our quality lies in the use of yuzu zest, which must be removed from the surface of the fruit carefully in order to avoid including bits of the bitter pith that lurks just below the skin. Like other citrus fruit, the yuzu has flavorful oils within its zest that can be used to impart extra flavor and aroma to dishes. The yuzu products we offer are made from fruit that have not been sprayed with pesticides, dramatically reducing the risk of any contaminants invading the zest and compromising its flavor.

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