Lemon Agrumato Olive Oil (Small)


Size: 200 ml [6.8 fl oz]

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In the region of Abruzzo, bordering the Adriatic Sea, olive farmers have traditionally created citrus oils for family and friend, keeping it at home for personal use, never sold. Presses were often cleaned and refreshed at end of the season by combining whole citrus fruit with the olives and crushing them together. This oil was only used as a table condiment, and rarely used for cooking.

The crisp freshness of Agrumato is achieved by the whole-fruit crushing process, which cannot be duplicated by the more common infusion method of other citrus flavored oils.

To make this unique condiment, whole lemons are crushed together with the olives in the traditional cold-extraction method to capture the essential oils of the lemon zest in the resulting extra virgin olive oil.

Agrumato is produced by using only olives and citrus strictly free from harmful substances and carefully selected for ripeness and variety. The two ingredients are crushed simultaneously between granite stones. When the resulting paste has obtained the right density the agrumato is extracted.

Drizzle on a salad or over grilled fish and seafood. Toss with steamed vegetables and of course a wide range of pasta dishes. Makes an excellent dipping oil for fresh bread.

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