Gochujang Chile Powder


Size: 16 oz [454g]

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Gochujang powder captures the heat and spice of traditional Korean gochujang paste in a convenient, shelf-stable powder perfect for dry applications. Balances the heat of gochugaru chile flakes with the savory notes of miso powder, the salty umami essence of soy sauce powder and the sweet, tangy taste of fermented black garlic.

Red powder with larger flecks of chiles and spices.

Improvise on traditional Korean preparations like galbi or bulgogi.
Season hummus, baked spinach-artichoke and other dips.
Spice up your usual vinaigrette and other salad dressings.
Add to breading or batters for sweet and spicy chicken strips, fried oysters or chicken wings.
Mix with salt and other spices to bring new dimensions to rubs for grilled and roasted foods.

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