Yamashin Kanjuku White Soy Sauce

Size: 360ml [12.2 fl oz]

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Fresh & Wild sells only the highest quality Japanese soy sauces.

The Right Sauce for the Right Dish
Modern, “general use” Japanese soy sauce is usually made from a blend of equal parts soy beans and wheat grain. We offer a range of sauce types that manipulate this ratio in different directions, from the robust high-soy Tamari soy sauce that is preferred for sashimi, to the this more subtle Shiro (or white) soy sauce that involves more wheat and has a lighter color and sweeter flavor. Because of this mildness, white soy sauce is a favorite of chefs looking to add a hint of soy without overpowering the flavors and colors of other ingredients.

Many of these soy sauce producers make only a very small quantity of their products each year. By maintaining a strong connection with Japanese producers and keeping a close watch on the ebb and flow of rare product availability, Fresh & Wild can offer soy sauces that would be otherwise difficult to get in the United States.

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