Yamashin White Soy Sauce


Size: 360ml [12.2 fl oz]



Fresh & Wild sells only the highest quality Japanese soy sauce. In fact, much of the soy sauce we offer is produced in the city of Yuasa in Wakayama prefecture, where many of the finest soy sauces come from. Extreme authenticity at the expense of speed of production is the key to the quality of these sauces and their nuanced flavors. Instead of hydrolyzed soy protein and other accelerants, these sauces are fermented using the traditional Aspergillus oryzae mold (known as tane-koji in Japan) that has been used to brew true Japanese sake and soy sauces for centuries. No artificial caramel coloring is necessary to make these sauces look authentic because they are the real thing.

The Right Sauce for the Right Dish
Modern, “general use” Japanese soy sauce is usually made from a blend of equal parts soy beans and wheat grain. We offer a range of sauce types that manipulate this ratio in different directions, from the robust high-soy Tamari soy sauce that is preferred for sashimi, to the more subtle Shiro (or white) soy sauce that involves more wheat and has a lighter color and sweeter flavor. Because of this mildness, white soy sauce is a favorite of chefs looking to add a hint of soy without overpowering the flavors and colors of other ingredients.

Many of these soy sauce producers make only a very small quantity of their products each year. By maintaining a strong connection with Japanese producers and keeping a close watch on the ebb and flow of rare product availability, Fresh & Wild can offer soy sauces that would be otherwise difficult to get in the United States.

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