Citron Agrumato Olive Oil


Size: 200ml [6.8 fl oz]

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In the region of Abruzzo, bordering the Adriatic Sea, olive farmers have traditionally created citrus oils for family and friends in celebration of a bountiful harvest.

The crisp freshness of Agrumato Citron is achieved by the whole-fruit crushing process, which cannot be duplicated by the more common infusion method of other citrus flavored oils. Whole citrons are crushed together with olives in the traditional cold-extraction method to capture the essential oils of the zest in the resulting extra virgin olive oil.

The citron, or cedro in Italian, is an unusual citrus fruit, having a distinctive gnarly skin and pulpy interior. There is little use for the interior of the citron, which produces minimal juice, but the thick skin is intensely fragrant thanks to the essential oils in its outermost layer, and produces bright concentrated flavors. The color of citron can vary from lime green to yellow-orange, depending on the variety. The most common citron in the U.S. is probably the Buddha’s Hand, which is primarily used for decorative purposes.

Drizzle over slice raw scallops, any fish crudo, oysters and sea urchin. Finish seafood stew or grilled fatty fish like halibut, sea bass or tuna belly. Try it over grilled chicken too. It is also delicious over vanilla gelato and it’s a natural over lemon granita or Meyer lemon tarts—the wonderful bitter quality of the citron will beautifully offset the sweet notes of the tart.

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