Lobster Mushrooms

Hypomyces lactifluorum

A firm, reddish, and dense mushroom with meaty texture and earthy flavors with subtle hint of seafood.

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What is a Lobster Mushroom?

Lobster mushrooms are actually a parasitic fungus, which develops the reddish color of lobster shells as it grows on on specific types of wild mushrooms.


What do they taste like?

Lobster mushrooms feature a firm, dense meaty texture, with earthy flavors and a subtle hint of seafood.


How to Clean Lobster Mushroom

As Lobster mushrooms grow wild in the forests, they’ll often have some dirt on them that you’ll want to remove before cooking. We use a clean, dry brush. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can brush it off under cold running water, separating the mushroom into pieces if necessary. You can rinse mushrooms like this as long as you do it immediately before cooking, drying with towels before you prepare your recipe.


How to Cook

All wild mushrooms should be cooked for at least 10 minutes to ensure safety. Lobster mushrooms lend themselves to several different cooking methods, including sautéing, roasting and even grilling. They complement most other mushrooms. We especially like them sauteed in butter, Himalayan Pink Salt, freshly ground Telicherry peppercorns and a bit of dry white wine added toward the end.


Lobster Mushroom Price

As Lobster mushrooms are wild, they are more scarce than those readily available in the supermarket, and the price will vary as weather conditions fluctuate. You can check availability and price here.


What do Lobster Mushrooms Look Like

Wild Lobster mushrooms are one of the most dense, thickest mushrooms, and have a bright reddish-orange color similar to fresh Maine lobsters. When the color starts to darken, be sure to cook them soon, or you can slice and dry them.


Where do Lobster Mushrooms Grow?

In the United States, Lobster mushrooms grow in the Northeast and on the West Coast. Fresh & Wild sources their Lobster mushrooms from the forests of Oregon and Washington state.


Lobster Mushroom vs Chanterelle

Chanterelles are very different from Lobster mushrooms in terms of color, flavor, aroma and texture. As such, they complement each other nicely. The density and vivid red color of Lobster contrasts nicely with the lighter body and fruity flavors of fresh Chanterelles. We cook them together when their seasons overlap in late summer.


Where to Buy Lobster Mushrooms

Look for Lobster mushrooms at farmer’s markets in the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest. You can have them delivered straight to your door



One of the most exciting recipes you can prepare using fresh Lobster mushrooms is the Lobster Mushroom Roll! It’s an excellent choice for vegan or vegetarian diets, as the flavor is reminiscent of the sea without adding shellfish.



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